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eagle eyes

Ability Tech has partnered with the Opportunity Foundation of America to bring the EagleEyes system to more individuals, OT/PT, clinics, hospitals, and schools. Ability Tech will meet with potential consumers to introduce the product and evaluate if they would benefit from the device.

EagleEyes is an innovative eye-controlled technology that acts as a general mouse replacement. The user can control a computer mouse with their eyes and use many programs on a computer or the internet that use a single mouse click. 

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Custom Builds


Are there things that you wish you could build for your individual but are unable to? We are looking for those ideas. With any given idea that has been generated by you and turns out to be successful in completion, your individual will receive for free and the opportunity to name the product. In return, we will use that device, with appropriate modifications, to produce for others to use. We want to be able to allow every individual to do the best he or she can. To us, those individuals who will ultimately benefit from the project is the most important aspect. That’s why we want to do this for them - not for us. We want you, and your individual(s), to have as much of a voice as we do. It’s time that THEIR voices be heard! 

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Toy Modifications


Some individuals, because of their unique needs, may need toys or materials to be adapted or modified in order to fully engage in play opportunities. A toy modification is any alteration or adjustment in the structure or function of an item that results in a better user experience. In the case of toys, it means making adjustments or modifications to allow children with differing abilities to interact and play with. The number one question is: "What can I do to help this child be successful when using or interacting with this item?" 

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CharitAbility allows individuals, families, businesses, and medical facilities (hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, etc.) that have medical equipment, supplies, or accessories to donated to other families, individuals, or organizations in need.  

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Blessing Bags


A Blessing Bag is a simple way to bless those who might be in need.A small bag containing items useful to those who might be experiencing a unexpected struggle. Sharing a Blessing Bag with someone allows for human connection, but gives a since of hope and peace of mind during an unexpected hospital stay. 

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