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      Imagine being one of baseball’s biggest fans, but unable to play the game. Kayden, who is 14 years old, was born with a rare neurological brain condition that left him with an estimated less than 3% of a brain, but his love for baseball is contagious. Kayden has limited use of his hands and legs, but he is able to control switches that are attached to his wheelchair with his head. 


      Ability Tech, a soon to be 501c3, designed and created the “Switch Hitter”, this is a wheelchair mounted, switch activated device that allows Kayden and many other individuals with limitations the opportunity to play baseball more independently. 

      Ability Tech, in partnership with the Miracle League of Sioux City, is determined to share this breakthrough with other Miracle League Organizations across the country, giving other individuals like Kayden the opportunity to enjoy Americas’ favorite pastime with their peers. 


      This is where your story enters the miracle plan. Please consider donating to allow Ability Tech the opportunity to take the Switch Hitter to the National Miracle League All-Star Game in Houston, Texas, November 5th – 7th. Your gracious donation also gives Kayden a once in a lifetime opportunity to play at the National Miracle League All-Star game and a step closer to his overall bucket list goal of making it to an MLB game. How amazing is that, helping a kid of limited ability do extraordinary things. (Optional) As a token of our appreciation, we will place your company’s logo, or your personal name on Ability Tech’s website, and social media accounts.


      If you would like to speak further about the Switch Hitter, feel free to reach out to Dustin at (712) 545-0220 or, or The Miracle League of Sioux City. We would love to answer any questions you have and show you the impact Ability Tech is making to promote inclusion with adaptive technology within the disability community.


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Dustin Rhoades